Extend the life of your transmission system

Check the fluid level

Transmission fluid allows the gearbox to function properly: too low a fluid level is problematic.It is important to check the transmission fluid level to avoid damage.

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Solve the problem immediately

When it comes to your transmission, often the major problems come from small, seemingly insignificant things.You can ignore these signs at your own risk: if an indicator light appears on the dashboard or you sense that something is not working properly, don’t let a minor problem turn into a real disaster. Watch out for unusual noises from your engine, smells of burning or squealing when changing gears, as well as loss of control of your vehicle (slip).

Pay attention to your driving style

If you are using an automatic transmission, then your driving style will impact the life of your auto transmission.

For example: when changing gears, be sure to depress the clutch pedal enough to avoid breaking the gearbox. Forcing gears will seriously damage your vehicle if you do it regularly.

A motorist with a smooth ride will always have a car that will last longer in good condition than that of a careless motorist. Use your gearbox correctly if you value your car.

Have your car serviced

We recommend that you have your vehicle serviced on a regular basis: in this way your transmission will be checked and any minor fault will have been identified at an early stage. Obviously, performing an overhaul is always a good idea for a number of reasons, but it will definitely help improve the longevity of your drivetrain.

A good mechanic will check the fluid levels, including the cooling system; will make sure the gearbox is working well, and correct a few faults before they become a problem. You better not ignore the warning signs to avoid ending up with a sky-high bill in the end.

Pay attention to how to use an auto transmission

In the case of automatic car driving : it is surprising how many people will shift from reverse to forward while their vehicle is still in motion.

This is the worst thing to do to your transmission system: Always make sure your car is completely stationary before you even think about shifting into reverse or forward.

Otherwise, you will force your transmission system which will wear out much faster.

Do not attempt to drive an automatic the way you would a manual car, as you will damage the transmission system.

It is important to pay attention to the warnings your car sends to you as well as your driving style, whether you drive an automatic or a manual car.

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