Camping Checklist During Covid 19

Camping Checklist During Covid 19

Sleeping under the stars is a uniquely human experience. For some, it’s a luxurious vacation destination. For others, it’s a necessity of living in rural areas or nomadic lifestyles. Regardless of your motivation, camping is a great way to appreciate nature and spend time with family and friends. Here are a few things you should pack for your next camping trip:

kn95 mask: A mask will help protect you from the sun and insects. during covid nances, they are useful for sun protection. Some masks also have built-in eye shields that can protect your eyes from the bright light of the sun.

Tent: If you’re planning on spending a lot of time in one place during your camping trip, consider investing in a tent . If you’re going to be camping in a remote area, it’s worth the investment. The right tent can make all the difference between a comfortable night of sleep and a restless one.

Mattress, sleeping bag: To make it easier to transport, we chose the all-in-one beds from Decathlon and we are very happy with them. The bulk is minimal and it’s comfortable. Care must be taken to finish inflating the mattress when it is in the fitted sheet. The thickness of the sleeping bag is to be adapted according to your destination: in a tent, no walls to shelter you from the wind, or the coolness of the night. It can be chilly, or even very chilly if you are at altitude.

Water Purifier: Water is essential for survival on the trail, so consider investing in a water purifier . Camp ing trips can be hard on your body, so you’ll need to stay hydrated. There are a variety of water purifiers available for purchase, including small backpacking units and large camp units.

Toilet: If you’re planning on camping in an area where there is no running water or access to a bathroom, you’ll need to pack a toilet. While they’re not required for all camping trips, it’s important to have one if you plan on doing more than just hanging out in your tent.

Sturdy Shoes: You’ll want something comfortable and durable when spending long hours walking in the woods. For that reason, you’ll want to invest in sturdy shoes that can stand up to long hours of walking.

Completely airtight containers for liquids and solids: resealable bags of different sizes, small airtight gourds and truly airtight boxes (Lock & Lock type) : to easily transport sugar, powdered milk, Nesquik and to make easily salads, but also to protect them from ants who like to infiltrate everywhere! (I told you about it in this article about my favorites for summer 2020 )

A basin for the dishes: the containers are not always equipped with caps. there are some that fold completely. Personally, I have a basic basin bought for 2-3 $.

A line for the laundry: no dryer when camping… a line is essential! It is easily hung on trees.

A laundry brush makes washing by hand easier, to avoid doing a machine each time (often paying for 4-5 euros)

Marseille soap ( the “real” one, cube-shaped, easy to take away ) for hand washing

flashlights: small campsites generally cut off electricity at night, that’s when you realize that it is dark at night!

A table and folding beds : it’s still more practical if it’s wet or if it’s raining. The decathlon table which also contains stools is perfect, we completed with a stool.

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