Gold Bullion IRA? Read Reviews Before You Invest

Gold Bullion IRA? It’s Important to Read Customer Reviews Before You Invest Your Money

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Hot Tub Repair Testimonial – Spa and Pool Openings and Closings – Neptune, NJ – Wall, NJ – Monmouth

Short testimonial for a local swimming pool repair service. Thanks to Tyler Smart and CT Contracting. I had a hot tub that was not working for a very long time and Tyler fixed it in just 2 visits. Great serviceGive them a call today at (732) 456-3625.

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Brand Marketing Increases Car Sales in February


Car sales increased 4% in February. Even though gas prices are still too high, people still want new automobiles. The steady rise in home construction and financing is helping to keep the auto industry on the road. The recovery is slow, but more gains are expected with little to stay in the way.

Dealer Goldmine specializes in territory expansion projects for businesses looking to drive up results by improving car dealership marketing with SEO, social media and online reputation management strategy. By creating an online infrastructure, it will reinforce excellence at every level of your organization and managing daily initiatives to keep car sales increasing.onlinemarketing-car-dealership-marketing

Of the 1.19 million more vehicles sold last month, the biggest as the Honda Accord at 35.2% and the lowest increase at 3.1% was the Dodge Ram, and Hyundai posted a 2 percent gain.

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10 Marketing Trend for Brands

BrandMarketingThese trends can create great opportunities or big challenges for your marketing strategy for the next year, are you ready?

  • Reputation Management – accountability for brand’s image has never been more important, even the smallest mistake can cause scandal and a public relations mess.  Be prepared.
  • Trust – earning and keeping loyalty is getting more difficult, and its not going to get any easier.
  • Adaptability – being flexible in the mobile, ever changing tech world is now a priority.
  • Experience – being able to tell your brand’s story is endearing to earn trust and enables customization of the brand’s experience to create a special bond between you and the consumer.
  • Visualization – pinterest and instagram has proven that a picture is worth…
  • Grassroot orgs – leverage the collective voice of brand advocates and turn their conversations into opportunities.
  • Information – research and survey to discover what worked and what didn’t.
  • Content – have focused plans with a clear strategy


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5 Ways to Watch Your Brand

Monitor Brand Image and ReputationBuilding an audience for brand image is more important than dollars, today and tomorrow its all about getting to know you (the consumer) through research, analyzing the results and implementing action based on what the data shows.

  • Get Social – the party is on social media and if your not there, its time to go.
  • Say Something Good – the classic etiquette is true today and quality content is as noticeable as a stop sign.
  • Two give-foward, one give-back – when engaging on a social platform, give more than you get.  Be informative and helpful before promoting yourself.
  • Watch the feedback – be aware so you can respond and demonstrate attentiveness.
  • Remember to engage back on blog or website too.


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Facebook Tips for Brand Building

Facebook for Brand BuildingWhen it comes to building a company image, facebook becomes more than checking what other people are doing, facebook becomes a strategy and part of a marketing plan. No matter who is going through the motions of the data, you have to be involved with the message to ensure brand quality.  Its too big of an opportunity not to pay attention, and a big risk if just the smallest item gets through noticed and creates havoc and a need to have a response and action prepared.

  • Make them feel special by exclusivity and being part of a community.
  • Call to action to hit the button – get them to share, like and follow.
  • Keep it casual and comfortable, no pressure or pushiness.
  • Be helpful and informative – be an expert, have a Q & A session


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5 Ways to Improve Customer Communication on Social Networks

Social Media CommunicationLet them know who is watching over the community, the guide to look to for help, have a full profile of the moderator(s) or representative communicating with them.

Decrease or eliminate spam and overblown self-promotion, save ideal as 2 for 1, give more than you get.

Have a good functional website or online application experience.

Be consistent with your message, branding and identity, building relationships

Do not depend solely on a social platform where the policies can change to effect some of your audience. Have your main message content on your site/blog and funnel it to the social platforms.

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